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Business Owners & Executives

Canada is recognized as an ideal destination for business owners and executives due to its economic stability, strategic access to global markets, and a supportive ecosystem for innovation and growth.

The country's robust economy, advantageous trade agreements, and government incentives for innovation make it a secure platform for business ventures. A highly educated, skilled, and multicultural workforce enhances its competitive edge. Additionally, Canada's high quality of life, commitment to diversity and sustainability, and political and legal stability create an attractive environment for businesses to thrive and expand globally.

Immigration To Canada Through Business Ownership

Buy a business & Franchise in Canada as foreign nationals

Purchasing a business in Canada and using it as a pathway to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) is a viable option through various immigration programs.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy a business in Canada for PR:

A business immigrant is an individual with ownership or senior management experience who is willing to invest time, money, and effort in running a business in Canada. Immigrating through business ownership offers a path to Permanent Residency, benefiting Canadian communities economically. Canada's immigration system encourages business development and economic growth through various pathways, including free trade agreements, intra-company transfers, purchases, and start-ups.

Goodmer Immigration Consultant provides comprehensive support for your relocation to Canada, including:

Registering a new corporation in Canada.

Facilitating employee transfers or relocating key staff members to Canada.

Assisting with the purchase of an existing business.

Developing a detailed business proposal.

Representing your interests when you are outside of Canada.

Securing work or study permits for you and your family.

Establishing a path for Permanent Residency and Canadian Citizenship for you and your family.

Referring you to corporate accountants, bookkeepers, and lawyers.

Intra-Company Transferees: Dive into the essence of exemption codes R205(a) (C12) and C62

Tailored for the strategic relocation of senior executives and managers to Canada. This pivotal guidance, designed for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) staff, meticulously outlines the criteria for global business leaders aiming to fortify the Canadian presence of their multinational enterprises.

Who Qualifies?


Visionaries at the helm, steering the organization's direction, crafting foundational goals, and wielding significant autonomy in decision-making processes, all while under the radar of supervision.


The keystones in organizational architecture, overseeing operations, mentoring other leaders, and holding the reins of crucial organizational functions with decisiveness over personnel and operations.

Core Insights

This documentation delves deep into what it truly means to hold executive or managerial positions, accentuating the strategic, operational, and supervisory essence pivotal to such roles. It's a call to action for those who shape the future of their businesses, encouraging them to lead, direct, and control with innovation and foresight.

Why It Matters

By laying down the pathway for the temporary entry of international business magnates, Canada is nurturing a fertile ground for global business activities and expertise exchange. This initiative not only enriches the Canadian economic landscape but also aligns with the broader vision of fostering international collaboration through the International Mobility Program.

For the Global Leaders: Whether you're strategizing the next big move for your company or spearheading a new division, Canada welcomes you. Explore how the International Mobility Program can be your gateway to not only advancing your business objectives but also contributing to Canada's thriving economic ecosystem.